w e d d i n g s

So much beauty in celebrating two becoming one! There's a feeling of anticipation and excitement on every wedding day. Minds racing with details to think about, and non stop go-go-go throughout the day...

My aim is to bring a sense of peace and calm, while capturing those exciting and sweet candid moments! Whether it's an elopement under a waterfall or a ballroom wedding packed with 300 people, I would be thrilled to photograph your exhilarating day!

Something that is awesome about weddings is the fact that the couple can decide how they want their wedding done. It could be Star Wars themed, the guests could be colour coordinated or the couple could have an intimate ceremony in their backyard. You can be so creative with it! Either way, I'm here for it!

I would be so happy to chat about any questions you might have and what you are hoping for on your day!