b e k a h r o v a p h o t o g r a p h y

Capturing the beauty of people through my camera.

Photo creds: Ember Photography

Hey! I'm Bekah Rova and it would be my pleasure to photograph your special moments! I live in Downtown Vancouver or otherwise known as RAINcouver alongside my husband, Jonathan, and we love it here! Vancouver is filled with so many different cultures and ethnicities, everyone has such fascinating stories, and you can find some amazing food here too! Some things I love: making yummy coffees with latte art for anyone who comes over, playing beach volleyball in the summers, spending time with Jesus each morning, playing board games, painting wood rounds or bibles, a good dystopian film like Divergent and hearing people's life stories. Outside of photography, I work at a Non-profit Housing Organization that provides low-income housing for seniors!

Photography is such a joy for me! My aim is to provide quality photography at affordable rates. At every photoshoot, I try my best to get a variety of posed photos along with those sweet candid moments that everyone loves and some in-motion photos too!